Human-AI Interaction Design Lab

Ting Liao, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, School of Systems and Enterprises, Stevens Institute of Technology

The Human-AI Interaction Design Lab is recruiting Ph.D. students who start in Fall 2023. The prospective students need to be familiar with and passionate about human-computer interaction or engineering design. Please send the CV, transcript, and a writing sample to

The Human-AI Interaction Design Lab led by Dr. Ting Liao conducts interdisciplinary research that encompasses human-centered design, experimental psychology, and data mining. The research aims to enable interactive products and product-based experiences that are governed by artificial intelligence and large masses of product usage data to be more trustworthy, socially desirable, and sustainable with data-driven methods.

Lab News

Dr. Liao will speak about Trends in Human-AI Teaming for Engineering and Design at the ASME workshop on August 14, 2022 1-5 p.m. St. Louis, Missouri. [Workshop Poster]